Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ask a stupid question...

I think my points are usually good ones. I try not to ask stupid questions, because there is such a thing in my opinion. If you don't at least try to answer your question before you inquire about it to someone else then you are being not only stupid but lazy too. As I have begun to explore my abilities to convey my thoughts through writing there has been a strange pattern that has emerged.....the lack of replies.
Sometimes I think the absence of any answer to my points or questions is because the person or persons they are directed to think I am angry, most times this is not the case. Why my opinion comes across as angry I do not know. I am opinionated and firm in belief because I give everything so much thought before I lay claim to it. Other times I think the lack of opposing opinion is because the other party dismisses my input as unworthy of a response because I am not popular enough, or do not have enough of the right friends in certain places. Why even bother to waste time replying to someone who doesn't matter, right? But regardless of the reasons, very often my questions go unanswered and sometimes never even acknowledged.
Usually this does not continue to be the case, over time I somehow become important enough to rate an answer to my inquiry. Not only do I suffer unanswered questions, there is the comment killing abilities I posses too. Many times I have posted a comment on a thread and there will be no more comments after that point, not always of course but too many times an active thread has been killed by me.
Moving on so as to support my theory...I get very very little hate mail or mail posing a differing opinion from my own. I consider myself open to intelligent opinions, even those different from my own if they are well formed and thought out. I will admit to having made a rather large spectacle of a considerable number of people (all of whom had it coming to them of course) and have posted my opinion loud and clear about the actions of others but the number of people who have any to say about it is almost non-existent. The only people who do try and debate seem to be the type who are too stupid to realize when they contradict themselves or know when it has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are incorrect about their facts.
I have considered that the patterns I mention here could be a product of my own imagination, but it is to the point now where it has happened too many times for that. I post yet another question and cross my fingers, hoping for an answer.....Why are these things happening?

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