Monday, August 24, 2009

Paranormal Rules

Why the paranormal likes to isolate it's self and act as if the rules of the world or the issues other interest groups have are different from its own, I do not know. I think maybe because all the stories and claims made never have to follow any rules. If you want to say gravity creates a door to the spirit world then you can do so and no one is allowed to say bullshit because if they do then they are a big bad skeptic, close minded or mean. Or it could be you just are not "special enough" to comprehend the possibilities. Like the telephone to the dead where you have to believe in it for it to work it's like a little portable Disney ride but you only get to feel the effects if you believe enough. Well if it were only that simple. I would love to be able to effect what occurs to me by simple belief and since when do we get to choose whether we have certain abilities? Shouldn't a person be able to turn themselves into a stick of butter if they believe enough? A closed mind does not prevent information from entering and if you are a reasonable person then you will process that information in just such a manner. I don't believe in the box talking to me, not because I don't want it to work. I have listened to the box and I have listened to the stories of others and I have looked into the other possible reasons for the effect people get from the box. The mind making what it can from random patterns makes the most sense and the mind does much like the believers say the box does, it uses the information it has available to create those patterns. Your mind can only use what you have provided for it. It cannot make its own information.

I am of the opinion much like I feel about orbs, if there is such a thing as entities which manifest themselves as orbs then that would be unfortunate because we know that many other things can create orbs in photos and even when we view something with our own eyes. This occurs so often that one would be justified when dismissing a person's claims to have captured a spirit which has taken the form of an orb. Yet people continue to present such things as proof and damned be the most common causes because the rules do not apply to them. Well we know that we cannot trust our brains this has been proven again and again by illusionists and scientists and skeptics. It seems that data, data that does not have a possibility of being corrupted by our fallible brains would be the best way to test the answers we get from things like the telephone to the dead. If we want to know what the box is saying then why couldn't we record the replies from the box and compare them to an actual human voice saying the same thing? Take a printout of a graph showing the response received from the box and use it to overlay a printout of an actual human saying the same thing couldn't we see where the mind may be filling the void to create an answer for us? If this has been done then I would very much like to see the results because they would provide another part of the puzzle and help guide towards a correct answer regarding the effects people get from the box. The claim people make the box told me something it could not know cannot be true if there is any possibility your brain could have corrupted the data. As much as our brains and computers are alike they have important differences the computer cannot add its own variables to the data it puts out. It cannot add an effect it experienced in a word processing program unless it is allowed to do so by its creator. Our brains do not work by the same rules if we are to assume we are the creators of our thoughts. The brain adds little bits as it sees fit and allows unconnected events and other unrelated information to affect its output.

Even the people who are involved in the paranormal have faith in the rules of science. So much faith they put their lives at risk should those rules somehow cease to apply in any way. They will tell you that a flaw in nature's laws allows the manifestation of ghosts in a certain location but if that same type of effect were to occur anywhere in their day to day lives then there would most likely be the most tragic of results. And why is it that the fractures in Mother Nature's game never seem to work the opposite way? Why is there not a flaw that allows us to travel into another realm? Some would say there is but I doubt they could show you where it is without disallowing those rules and laws we have been talking about here. You will never hear me say that all the claims made about paranormal events and experiences are lies but you will hear me put those claims to the same standards to which I have seen reliably prove themselves not only in my life but in the lives of countless others for generations.

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