Thursday, September 22, 2011

FaceBook- New and ...Improved??


1690s, from Fr. algorithme, refashioned (under mistaken connection with Gk. arithmos "number") from O.Fr. algorisme "the Arabic numeral system," from M.L. algorismus, a mangled transliteration of Arabic al-Khwarizmi "native of Khwarazm," surname of the mathematician whose works introduced sophisticated

   Do you know what an algorithm is? Well for all of you who said yes you're wrong. It is generally accepted there is no formal definition for the term algorithm but for the purpose of this blog we will use this definition. An algorithm is defined as “a step by step problem solving procedure.Specifically I am talking about automated relevance algorithms. Now before you start to think this is some kind of technical manual, allow me to explain. Algorithms are used to figure out what you are going to see in your facebook news feed and they also are used to show search results that will be of most use to you. While I am sure this makes facebook more interesting to some people. I like to see things that may be totally outside the box. I want to see things I have never seen before so I can choose to like them for myself.

   Facebook is going to piss a lot of people off soon. Why? Because it is going to fundamentally change. Does anyone remember myspace? Well I work in the entertainment industry and I can tell you one of the reasons for the demise of myspace. While there was no single reason this one played a part.....People got used to it. When seeking entertainment we want something fresh and new, we use the hell out of it, then we toss it aside like a used rag and go to the next shiny object. People get bored. That's why your local fast-food place goes through a remodel every so often. That's why you change your style of hair and clothes. The same thing applies to anything we deal with. It's why husbands cheat on wives and why wives divorce husbands. And it's why facebook is going to change, they don't want to be the next myspace.
 You can get pissed if you want but this change must happen, and it will. Too much is depending on it , too much money mostly.
    The poke feature? Did you notice it's gone? Now millions of college students will have to find another way to 'hook up' That was it's original purpose, what did you use it for?
   Digital music services, ways to share your favorite music with friends, and the introduction of new ways to consume other kinds of media, including news, music, video with 'watch' 'listen' and 'review' buttons.
    Your profile page? It will resemble a timeline. With the ability to spotlight those important parts you can give friends look at what is most important in your life. New types of groups to share specific news content with friends, and even more specific security options will also be part of the change.

    Why all these changes? Facebook is seeing a leveling out of new users and reaching saturation in some countries, and an algorithm told facebook if they didn't change they would become the square root of myspace.

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