Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miss Idiot

   Ladies and gentlemen !!! Step right up and experience something that will leave you trembling in terror. The need to run as far and fast as you can will wash over you like a tidal wave,alas there is no escape it spans the nation.
  Get ready for the scariest thing you've seen all day....

Miss USA answers question- Should evolution be taught in schools?

I could write an hour about why almost all these women are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier and it would only scratch the surface.
  I will limit myself to the top two things which bug me.
 1) Evolution is constantly equated to religion. Evolution IS NOT A RELIGION OR RELIGIOUS BELIEF
 2) You can't teach 'EVERYTHING' in school, and even if you could, that does not mean you should.

I'd like to thank Miss California for not making us look like a bunch of stupid twits. 


  1. I don't necessarily expect every contestant to be well versed in evolution but I do expect them to be smart enough to know that you can't "teach everything" nor should you. Reality is not decided by popular vote.

  2. You should post this to reddit. Oh, wait--that's right. You can't. Told you I'd win, didn't I?

  3. It has already been posted there moron. Maybe you would have known that if you were at least smart enough to type your name 'mr anonymous' Then again if I were as big an idiot as you I'd be too ashamed to post my name.
    You are correct you do win. Here is your trophy for being the biggest dick I've met in the last 30 days or so.

  4. Next time when you want to spam your shitty blog and berate anonymous people online, make sure you don't have all your cards on the table, you naive fucking idiot. Because you're stupid enough to use your real name all over the internet, You don't know dick about me, but I now know what you look like and where you live, as will the next brave soul you decide to randomly talk shit to. Have fun posting to someplace other than reddit! I told you I'd win, didn't I? And where's my goddamn trophy, bitch?

  5. You come on over and pick up your trophy anytime you want. I'll be waiting.....As far a reddit goes you don't know what the fuck you are talking about I have been posting there without any issue. Maybe they told you something else just to get you to STFU cause you talk too much. It's funny how I've managed to get you to spend so much time on me and quite flattering too...dumb shit.