Friday, April 17, 2009

Knee Jerk Theory

The pres is getting a earful theses days. Quit borrowing all that money! Let those banks go under! Screw those auto makers! We hate socialism in any form! CUBA?! Those are COMMUNISTS!!! Are you crazy? We tortured people? DON'T SAY THAT! We hate TAXES!I can say I think we are overtaxed too, but it sure as hell didn't start with Obama.I think a flat tax would be the way intelligent people would collect what we give to the government. As far as the bailout of banks and automakers, I hear a lot of people who don't like it but I don't hear alot of other good ideas what to do if we were to let these corporate failures to play out. I wonder if people who would watch the automakers go under realize the massive effect it would have on industries. It wouldn't just effect the automakers it would effect everyone. If anyone has an alternate plan or idea then I would like to hear it. Am I happy about the amount of money we are borrowing in order to get the economy under control? NO. Another question follows. Who is to blame for what is being done? US. Yep we are to blame. How much money have we allowed to go to Iraq? How long did we allow Bush to let us spiral out of control? I think we still are yet to realize just how bad the last 8 years have hurt us and as our newest leader addresses these issues we should be careful to place the blame where it belongs, on us. We have for too long been asleep at the wheel.It is good that so many more have begun to wake up and pay attention. Its like we have been asleep for ten years and when a fella comes along and says "Hey buddy, wake up. While your asleep your house is falling apart. I called a roofer for you. A plumber is on the way cause the pipes are about to spring a leak, and you have termites, if you don't start thinking about what will result from that your whole house will fall down and you will awaken to a pile of ruble"Do we wake up and with some embarrassment thank the guy? Nope. We begin to smack him upside the head and yell at him "You son of a bitch! I can't afford a new roof! And what did you do to cause those pipes to fail? And those termites, I don't like the kind of insecticide your using on them!" People are waking up and demonstrating the reaction we have become well known for....the old knee-jerk reaction. Yep the reaction that always comes back to bite us on the ass.And often costs us some of our freedoms. In your day to day life choices would you say it is wise to act instantly to a given situation or should we think about or coarse of action first? Wouldn't we do better to allow emotions to ease and gather our thoughts and consider options?The president has something we do not, an incredible amount of resources, despite the fact most of us have not been thinking about how to address our problems, that does not mean no one has.Obama is our leader now and we need to give him a break, we do not have to be happy about the actions he is taking but we should lay the blame where it belongs. And we do not have to agree with the methods he is using to solve the problems we have but if we are to be critical then it should be have some basis not "just because I don't like it" People like that loud mouth Limbaugh who make statements saying "I hope he fails" and then trying to defend himself by saying "that's not how I meant it" That idiot knows exactly what he said and intelligent people know exactly what he meant. We don't all have to think alike but we should all have everyone's best interests in mind with well thought out arguments as the basis for any disagreement. We can not afford to wake up only to put on blinders and start throwing punches.

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