Sunday, February 27, 2011

Atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian Dinesh D'Souza- Debate on religion

I'm going to post a Re-broadcast of a taped debate between Atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian Dinesh D'Souza on the value of organized religion, moderated by Brent Walters.

D'Souza doesn't do a real good job of presenting his case, clearly outmatched by the logic that makes up Atheism. The fact that Christopher Hitchens is the man representing the Atheist point of view is kinda like pounding in nails with a 20lb hammer. Brent Walters, who takes no side in the debate does a pretty good job pointing out what most Atheists will be yelling at their speakers while they listen. While I was listening it was hard not to be a bit bothered by the thought of a man like Hitchens being taken by cancer. He is the kind of person the world needs more of, not because of what he believes in so much as the way he arrives at his conclusions. D'Souza is clearly doomed from the start. I found myself wishing the debate would have been a bit more even but then realized there really is no way that could happen and it still be a reasonable intelligent discussion.

The show is in 2 parts and each hour starts with news for the first 10 minutes. Brent gives his take on the debate and it is pretty clear even he is impressed with Hitchens and his style. The format of the debate is another thing that makes this an enjoyable listen as each speaker is allowed limited time to speak. D'Souza would ramble on for years if this were not the case I think.

Here are the links-

Hitchens/D'Souza debate part 1

Hitchens/D'Souza debate part 2

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